Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.
— Henry James

A day will come when a cannon will be exhibited in museums, just as instruments of torture are now, and the people will be astonished that such a thing could have been.
— Victor Hugo

Doubt 'til thou canst doubt no more...doubt is thought and thought is life. Systems which end doubt are devices for drugging thought.
— Albert Guerard

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.
— Mae West

If you weren't here last Saturday, where the hell were you?

Actually, I suspect you were here because it was quite the mob that poured into the Central Terminal for NOCTURMINAL, Hallwalls' 20th Artists & Models Affair. It did seem like folks were ready for the summer to begin and they made the most of it. Lots of happy mingling, people calling friends on their cell phones to tell them to get down to the Terminal, long line-ups for Ike's barbecue, happy happy joy joy all around. From our point of view, we were pleased to see so many people and we appreciate the hard work of all the participating artists and musicians (and models!), many of whom were taking part in their first event of this kind. The photo above is by renownwed rock photographer Bob Mussell.
Bob Mussell

Former Hallwalls' Board member and media raconteur Richard Wicka posted a series of photos and some interviews with artists on his web page:
Think Twice Radio

Strangely (and rarely), there was actually a morning-after news story in last Sunday's Buffalo News about the event: Hallwalls Goes Nocturminal

Carlene Petersen relaxes as one of the live models in Sean McGarry's gallery/lounge installation.
(photo by Richard Wicka)

Nocturminal patrons commune with Micheal Bosworth's beautiful bulbous sculptural projections.
(photo by Jeannine Swallow)

Vincent Van Gogh (Mark Lavatelli) and Paul Gaughin (Dana Hatchett) were knocking out portraits all night long.
(photo by Richard Wicka)

Some body painting by Mark Madden and Madd Grafix.
(photo by Richard Wicka)

Summer interns Lucy Sears (l) and Corey Mansfield (r) were two of our many volunteers for the night.
(photo by Jeannine Swallow)

One of the many inflatables by Pat Oleszko that were very at home in the nocturminal craziness.
(photo by Richard Wicka)
Pat Oleszko Homepage

Samantha Harmon shares the stage of Cole Ritter's 1356 Cubic Inch Modified Supercharger.

Dave Pape was rocking the ceiling with a mash-up of night sky projections, from old star maps to Hubble telescope imagery. (photo by Dave Pape)

Knife Crazy was one of the local acts kicking out the nocturmijams.
(photo by Jeannine Swallow)
KC's MySpace page

Seth Wochensky's installation with audio, video projection, and two tons of grain in a makeshift silo was an extremely popular piece of Nocturminal property. (photo by Nancy J. Parisi)

Curtis Erlinger cast ice owl loomed quietly in the Nocturminal darkness, slowly melting and re-freezing into mice-cubes...

Nancy Parisi and gal pal demonstrating Nancy's photo booth installation.(photo by Richard Wicka)
Go here Everything Perfect in Nancy's World to read her blog entry on the event.

The next day we cleaned up and the trains kept rolling by the station, without stopping...

For additional information on upcoming Hallwalls programs and events, go to
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

NEXT Hallwalls Exhibitions

KIRSTEN REYNOLDS • The Other Last Moment
a Hallwalls Artist in Residence Project (HARP)

ALICIA ROSS • Samplers

Billy Bang & Kahil El Zabar Duo
Friday, June 8, TONIGHT, 8pm @ HW

$15 general admission• $10 members/students/seniors
The ever-prolific 'Renaissance Man' and Chicago master percussionist Kahil El 'Zabar and NYC virtuoso violin legend Billy Bang will perform together in Buffalo for the first time since 1999, this time pared down to an intimate and hauntingly powerful duo setting—simply an essential concert experience.
Hallwalls Music Info

Anker/Taborn/Cleaver Trio
Monday, June 11, 8pm @ HW

$12 general admission, $10 members/students/seniors
ANKER/TABORN/CLEAVER had its premiere in May 2003, where the band did a small, but successful tour in France, Germany and Denmark. Since then ATC has been performing at festivals, clubs and concert spaces in Scandinavia, Europe, USA and Canada and also released the critically acclaimed CD ”Triptych” (Leo Records). ”Pianist Craig Taborn and drummer Gerald Cleaver are close allies on the New York scene, and this encounter with Danish saxist Lotte Anker affirms their simpatico. Anker, a fount of sinewy yet lyrical abstraction on both of her horns, seems to bring out the best in her collaborators. While Triptych is every inch a free session, with seven collectively composed pieces, the trio covers a wide swath of sonic territory.” Jazzwise UK 2006.
Lotte Anker Website

Opening Elsewhere
the Allentown Arts Festival runs Saturday and Sunday 11am to 7pm
• Lukia Costello
at Betty's opening Mon June 11 6-9pm (thru Aug 12)
Jerome Greenberg at Artsphere opening Fri June 8 6:30—9:30pm
Student Work Exhibit at CEPA opening Fri June 8, 5-9pm
Paul Mercalski at College Street Gallery opening Friday June 8, 5-10pm
El Museo Invitational opening weekend Fri 8-11pm Sat 11am—6pm Sun 11am—5pm
Tammy Weyzel, Dan Martina, Gene Witkowski, Marie Wonch, Chris McGee, Jimi Baudin at Gallery 141B opening Sat June 9 12noon—8pm
David Kibuuka at Gallery 51 opening Sat June 9 5—8pm
Buffalo News preview
• Allentown Sneak Peek show at Kepa#, one night only, Fri June 8 6—9pm
Jim Reed and Cheryl Wnuk-Klinck at Redfish Studios (E. Aurora) opening Fri June 8, 7—10pm

Continuing Elsewhere
(last week/see em now)
Francis Bacon at the Albright-Knox through July 29
Starlight Studio's Spring Break Show thru Aug 3
Coni Minneci: A-Z Women Artists; My Artistic Interpretation of Their Lives Using the Pear as a Metaphor at partners in Art Gallery (Tonawanda) thru June 22
Mark D'Agostino at Squeaky Wheel thru Aug 5
Linda Gale Gelman at Studio Hart thru July 14
Buffalo Society of Artists 2007, gut-renovation plans for BAS and the 15 South Putnam Project opening at Buffalo Arts Studio thru July 14
• MIchael Vincent McLean at St. Luke's United Church (Richmond/Utica) thru June 30
Carl Lee and Brendan Bannon at the BPAC thru July 8
John Mielcarek at the BPAC thru July 8
Amanda Besl at Artspace Witzenhausen thru June 16
Buffalo Society of Artists Spring Show at Buffalo Art Studio thru July 14
Joshua Marks at the Tang Museum in Sarasota Springs thru August 12
• Assembling the Best: Nancy Belfer, Joyce Hill, Gerald Mead, Russell Ram at the Carnegie Art Center through June 9
Polly Little, Mark Lavatelli, Monica Angle, Sam Magavern, Jackie Felix, AE Felix, Barbara Rowe, Peter Sowiski, Olga Bajusova, Josef Bajus, Kathi Roussel, Peter Fowler, Bonnie Gordon, John Pfahl, Linda Collingnon, Robert Collingnon, Ilania Kaplan, Christopher Stangler, Trudy Stern, Michael Morgulis at Insite Gallery thru June 17
Peter Fowler at Kepa3 thru June 15
Robert John Holland opening at the JCC Amherst and on Delaware thru June 25
Impact Artists Gallery annual members' show thru June 15
Rob Lynch at the Castellani Art Museum thru Sept 16
Mary Begley at Delish on Elmwood thru May and Brodo Restaurant thru July
Carol Vacanti at Flickinger/Nichols School through June 15
Selections from the Ann Cravens ceramics collection (thru June 22), Adele Cohen (thru Aug 2), all at the Burchfield
Milton Rogovin at the Castellani though June 24
Dave Buck at Betty’s thru June 10
Insoon Ha: The Island at Big Orbit thru July 1

Jeers to the Buffalo News, Cheers to the Albright Knox
I picked up the Buffalo News this morning to read about yesterday's Artemis auction and couldn't help but notice that the story alongside the auction news on the front page was a piece about celebrity wafflebrain Paris Hilton and her recent brushes with the law. Thinking it was an AP wire report, I was actually stunned to see the piece written by a News staff reporter.

QUESTION FOR THE BUFFALO NEWS: So, we don't merit theater or art critics in this town any longer, but you're paying someone to cover this shit? Explain.

We'll reserve our kudos for the Albright-Knox, which was brave enough to stick by its decision to deaccession a selection of antiquities to bulk up their purchasing coffers for the present and the future. They showed leadership, foresight, and the guts (sometimes in short supply in the museum world) to weather the onslaught of irrational sentimentality and scurrilous bile hurled their way. This past winter for Louis Grachos, his Board and staff must have felt like Washington at Vallery Forge but it paid off yesterday as the infamous Artemis and the Stag was sold for $25.5 million, bringing profits from the recent deaccession sales to a heady $64 million. Buffalo News Artemis

We won't rehash that issue now. At some point this summer, I'll repost old emails regarding the deaccession controversy into this new format.

And actually, I guess we have to add some minor cheers to the Buffalo News—perhaps more accurately, Colin Dabkowski—because the piece in today's paper did not include a perfunctory rebuttal remark from Carl "Crazy McGillicutty" Dennis or any other member of the local cultural doom patrol who call themselves the Buffalo Art Keepers and who many of us remember more fondly as the Buffalo Art Fascists. (My coffee cup does not lie.)

Serra at MOMA

Man of Steel

Charlie Finch trippin' down memory lane, man

Vernon Panton’s Phantasy Landscape Visiona II, 1970/2000 "Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era" at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Tough Art With a Candy Center

NY Times

Guest of Cindy Sherman trailer

Something I listened to this week...

It's terrifically self-deprecating that the cover of the album notes "another record by Ry Cooder," as though there was nothing special in that. I can't actually think of any Ry Cooder that I've ever disliked. Ry's always had the goods, the chops, the smarts...and he still does. I like starting the summer off with Ry. In 2005, it was Chavez Ravine and that album just hummed in my head all summer long. My Name Is Buddy is an astute album, using animals as metaphors (not always subtly, as there is a pig named J. Edgar) and the Depression as an analogy for the desultoriness of our own era—describing a situation where, as one reviewer put it, "the past is looking at the future looking back at itself as in some dirty mirror uncovered in a corner of a forgotten closet." Sounds depressing, but it's just Ry's human touch. Deliriously great music throughout. No way to pick a best song, they're all winners.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
— Confucius

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